Playing With Your Food

By: creativespark

Mar 01 2011

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Tonight I’m cooking tomato couscous, which is probably not interesting news for anyone except me. Sorry, you know how the internet is for oversharing.

But why I’m cooking tomato couscous might be interesting to you if you like art. I just discovered They Draw & Cook, with recipes illustrated by artists around the world… and I’ve been click, click, clicking away. Every three days they post 6 new ones (sent to you if you subscribe to the feed… haha, feed, get it?… sorry)

Tomorrow I’m thinking African Lemon Cookies! Click the recipe above for a bigger version.



One comment on “Playing With Your Food”

  1. How was the cous cous?

    I’m off to look at this site as I adore cooking and pictures … so thanks brother.

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