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By: creativespark

Apr 15 2011

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Becaks off-duty in Java, Indonesia.


4 comments on “Snap du Jour”

  1. Is becak the Indonesian word for rickshaw? Or are they bicycle taxis?
    Great photo!

  2. That is beautiful! The choice of black and white throws into focus the texture.

    Thanks for visiting my little blog and for your insightful comments. 🙂

  3. Hi SO
    Bicycle taxi I think is a great description. Related to the rickshaw but no men running at the front (that’d be cruel).

    Hi CookieCutter
    I love your blog, I read often and it’s always inspiring and beautiful. Just recently you made me want to visit Bangkok again (and in the past it definitely hasn’t been my favourite city).

    =) M

  4. I love black and white photographs because they really make us look at an image and provide layers of depth and light. Love this one Marc.

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