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By: creativespark

Apr 24 2011

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My great friend Sharyn has just been visiting. She’s the area manager in Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia, a totally gorgeous but isolated part of the state, so she hit the city with relish and we’ve got the discarded shopping bags to prove it.

She’s been in Fitzroy Crossing for 5 years and I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t made it over to visit her yet, but I’ve just moved that right up my priority list and can’t wait.

This photo is at the gorgeous The Majestic in Melaka (Malaysia). It’s won awards for its restoration work and everyone who stays there loves it… you can probably see why.

Some idiot told Sharyn that Jonker Street was only open on the weekends, which might have saved some damage to the credit card… until she discovered that spectacles are very attractively priced in Malaysia and expanded her collection substantially.

Here’s the front of the hotel:

The Majestic


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  1. Sharyn is looking as fab as ever and I love the hotel. xxLiz

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