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Apr 28 2011

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A lot of people stay in Jogja if they’re visiting central Java, but I’m a big fan of Solo (or Surakarta) which is about the same distance from Borobudur but a lot less congested. It has lots of art deco buildings and fantastic food, and a great antique market.


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  1. The antique market with the style that you saw is new enough. When I was kid, when I passed there, I would not directly notice that there was Antique Market. It was covered by so many stalls with not good composition of antique shops; not interesting.
    Then the mayor of Solo, Jokowi renovated it, even made it as public space in front of it. There was no pavement before. Now the front part of Antique Market is often used as venue of traditional performance every Saturday night (Saturday Night Market).
    The open air dinner of ministers from all over Asia Pacific was ever conducted there as well.

    • Hi Sonny… I know the public space you’re talking about… I think there was a political rally there when I was there. Saturday Night Markets would be exciting though… I love night markets… can’t wait to check that out! Thanks for the info!!
      =) Marc

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