Too Hot For Underwear

Finally that billboard I modeled for has come out. Hey, it’s hot under those studio lights, can’t blame a guy for getting down to the minimum!

OK, perhaps it’s not me in the picture. It’s hard to tell. You know we all look the same when you chop our heads off and objectify us.

I was on Orchard Road today. Anyone who knows me will tell you that’s not my idea of a fun weekend outing, but this facade on the new Knightsbridge shops distracted me from the crowds and was kind of hard not to notice. Not as hard as his abs maybe, but hard all the same.

It’s for Abercrombie & Fitch, which weirdly enough sells clothes. Go figure. Some genius in marcom said “hey, let’s advertise our clothes with a giant picture of a model not wearing any”. Not sure if they’re doing Brazilians in the back room, but it’s an obvious product extension.

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