Portrait of a Monkey

By: creativespark

Oct 11 2011

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3 comments on “Portrait of a Monkey”

  1. Hi Marc,
    Just want to let you know that the book that you passed on ‘The Alchemist’ is such a delight to read. Will surely read more from Paul Coelho.
    I’m stuck in Malang at the moment, wish you a great time in Bali.
    Hey, you got such a cool web & photo blog!! spend hours reading through them 😀


    • Hey Ali

      I thought you’d like it. =)
      Glad you found internet there… I was worried you might not.
      I’m still at Biang’s… will head south on Friday to swim in the ocean. All quiet here, your room is still available if you want to come back.

      =) Marc

  2. will head to Solo afterward, don’t have any plan ahead though..

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