Likely Lads

By: creativespark

Nov 19 2011

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I’ve been sorting through some images in the past day or so because I’ve got some paperwork to do for the aussie garmen. What I liked about this pic is that we look like we’ll probably move on from the coffee to roll a couple of tourists or shake down the cafe for protection. We probably did go on to get into some trouble, but I promise no unsuspecting tourists were harmed.

The café is in Siem Reap, opposite the Old Market and the pic was taken by the roaming sunglasses vendor (which is why I’ve got another pair on the table). I think I bought these ones.


3 comments on “Likely Lads”

  1. Looking very handsome and up for divilment dear brother. You look like you might be with the mob or an edgy artist.

  2. Very funky Marc! loving the hat (oh, and the chairs).

  3. Thank you both! Kim… I think they might they’re a rip-off of the mid-century modern ant chair:
    I’ve always loved those… I have fond memories of the central library when I was a teen having them.

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