Tiong Bahru – Por Kee

By: creativespark

Nov 26 2011


Category: Singapore, Snap du Jour

The weird ceramic fishes from yesterday inspired me to post a few more pics from my neighborhood, which I’ve taken to referring to as the “oft photographed Tiong Bahru”. We’re an art deco village, which is unique in Singapore. I forget how pretty it is, but nearly every day I see photographers staking out the architecture and capturing the curves and angles. The smart ones are here in the very early morning or very late afternoon, when the light turns on its magic.

Sorry to disappoint, but I’ll save the pretty side for another day. I just wanted to show you a few quirky things we walk past every day. This sign is on the rear entrance of Por Kee, which is famous for its Champagne Pork Ribs.

(iPhone pic)

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