There Are No Monkeys In Monkey Mia

We’re in Denham, about 800km north of Perth in Western Australia with our gorgeous friend Sharyn at the moment. These are her two dogs, Shamus and Ebony, checking out Little Lagoon.

Pic: iPhone with “More Lomo” app.


3 comments on “There Are No Monkeys In Monkey Mia”

  1. Hi all – and happy new year 🙂 x kayt

  2. This is your best photo Marc – absolutely loving it. Merry Xmas and Happy 2012 to you!

  3. Kayt and Kim… now that sounds like a TV show I’ve loved and lost. Thank you! And Happy New Year!
    I’m nutty brown and my shoulders have unsprung. Can’t beat beachside living.

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