The old Woolstores building in Fremantle is the subject of some legal dispute at the moment. Heritage or not worth saving? Trendy inner-city lofts or not?

Not sure how it will turn out, but my sister Siobhain did (rightly) point out that it gets pretty smelly down there when the sheep ships are in, so that and the fact that it overlooks a train line don’t bode well for upmarket luxury.

Great spot though.

Fremantle, Western Australia


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  1. oh yeh – I remember that smell.

    Here’s an idea – stop the shipping of live animals and that’ll take care of the smell and the suffering of the poor animals – and then – create a create community space that everyone can afford to come play in – have some great food and craft markets – and some fab spaces for emerging artists to create and show their work – and studios that have mixed groups of designers and small creative entrepreneurs and inventors.

    make it a space that celebrates the best that’s in us all and not create another monument to money and people who have it.

    that’s my little diatribe for the day dear brother


    p.s i’d love to see these images in your FB stream or are they already there and I just miss them. Your pics are the first thing I look at each day for my dose of creativity.

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