Singapore – Victoria Theatre

A government lackey provided feedback to a letter in the newspaper last week about our Black and White colonial housing. He was trying to clearly explain to the original letter writer how all this housing (built by some of Singapore’s best British architects between 1898 and 1941) was owned by the government and needed to be rented to the highest bidder now because they are all slated for redevelopment.

This is the rear of our Victoria Theatre, built between 1862 and 1906. A couple of years ago they had a competition for refurbishment and the backs of the original chairs are going to be hung from the ceiling in the lobby when it reopens in a way that is scaring superstitious Chinese who think it looks like coffins. I digress. The building was in need of renovation, being the grand old dame she is. I can now see that the EXTENT of that renovation was carefully minimised in the press to keep conservationists from making any noise. Because, walking past it now it’s obvious that there’s not much more than the facade left of the original building.

Singapore… you really haven’t learnt anything about respecting your history, have you?

iPhone pic.


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