Cambodia – Mystery Branches

By: creativespark

Mar 31 2013

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Category: Snap du Jour

My favourite thing to do everywhere I go is to get up at dawn and hit the morning markets. I love watching people getting ready for business and preparing for the day. Some of my best memories of a lot of cities has been the crack of dawn. This is outside the Siem Reap markets. I like not fully understanding what’s going on at the markets and trying to figure it out. We stop along the way to try to find things out, if we see a vegetable we’ve never seen before or something else that’s new to our eyes, but sometimes I like to just stand against a pole or in a corner and watch and see. I’m not sure of the purpose of these branches… whether they’re decorative or for starting fires or some other purpose. It was all moving to fast outside the main market area on the street and this is a mystery I never solved.

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