Cambodia – Angkor Wat

Sorry, no romantic sunrise picture of Angkor Wat. I don’t know how people get them actually… perhaps with Photoshop? We were there more than once and no matter what time of the day or night you go it seems full of people. Perhaps the postcard pictures are taken on a day it’s closed.


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  1. I hated Angkor. It sounds weird, I know, but I did. The whole site just seemed so overrun by tourists ..

    • Not weird at all. I think Siem Reap as a town has some charm (and a surreal town centre) but the UNESCO zone is fairly charmless. My strategy is to switch my attention, so instead of trying to “not see” the tourists (or not get them in my photos) I change to actually watching the tourists. Angkor was the first place where I saw (mainly) women dragging suitcases with changes of clothes up stone stairways. Puzzled me for a while, but I worked out that it’s a Facebook thing. They go through multiple changes of outfit during the day to get lots of nice FB images. Tourism 2.0 =) For somewhere similar but WAY more charming, Bagan in Myanmar is nice. It doesn’t have the eat/drink circus that Siem Reap has (and which I was happy to partake of), but it is possible to wander amongst temples as far as the eye can see and hardly ever see another tourist.

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